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  • v2ray配置文件 - 闲潭小筑 - OSCHINA:2021-2-27 · CentOS 7 上 V2ray 安装和配置 V2ray 是一款优秀的开源网络代理软件包,不过其安装和配置却比较复杂,客户端也不太完善,虽说相对来说不太流行,但却是很好用,这里就介绍一个较为简单的 …
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  • phpstudy2021安装图文教程 | 林云SEO博客:2021-2-12 · 查阅资料时,偶然看到一篇phpstudy2021安装教程及流程讲解的文章,感觉能够帮助站长快速搭建网站服务器平台。故此,林云特意整合分享出来,供大家参考学习。 phpstudy软件简介 该程序包集成最新的Apache+Nginx+LightTPD+PHP+MySQL ...
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The beauty of the liturgy . . . more than anything else it deserves to be called the splendor of the truth. It opens to the small and the great alike the treasures of its magnificence: the beauty of psalmody, sacred chants and texts, candles, harmony of movement and dignity of bearing. With sovereign art the liturgy exercises a truly seductive influence on souls, whom it touches directly, even before the spirit perceives its influence.
-- Dom Gerard Calvet, OSB (1927-2008)

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